Christian & Cristal


When Cristal’s zone gets heated up, her boyfriend, Bernie, tells her to find someone who raises no suspicion. Here comes Christian, a teen whose economic limitations, his mother’s sickness and his feelings towards Cristal turn him into an easy prey for the drug dealers. This movie get’s its title from the great play “Romeo and Juliet”.


  • Audience: For the whole family and High School
  • Classification: NR and PG
  • Genre: Music video, Romance, and Tragedy
  • Themes: Cancer, Drug Addiction, Drug Trafic, and Drugs
  • Length: 94 min
  • Language: Spanish
  • Premiere Date: September 5, 2009
  • Format: NTSC
  • Frame Rate: 30i
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3


Movie’s Begining

Music Video


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