Our Trajectory

CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC.’s History

CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. is born as a non-profit corporation, incorporated to Puerto Rico’s Department of State on June 19, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. Ever since its conception, CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC.’s goal has been to develop film projects with messages of prevention towards the evils that afflict us as a society. At the same time, we develop young artistic talent, particularly in schools, both public and private, in both artistic and technical areas.

CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. sponsors Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S., at the Ester Feliciano Mendoza school, at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The name CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. precisely comes from Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. for which is important to know Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S.’ story.

Outstanding Achievements of CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC.

  1. CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC.’s first project was Christian y Cristal (2009). A feature film inspired on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet that shows how impossible it is to leave the world of drug dealing once inside. The film was recommended by Puerto Rico’s Department of Education and transmitted by Puerto Rico’s public TV stations, WIPR channel 6 and WIPM cannel 3, obtaining good ratings.
  2. In 2010 CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. collaborates with the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla campus in a short film titled: LATEX. The film carries a message on prevention of HIV-AIDS. Because of its strong execution and psychological aspects, the film is by the Interamerican University for its psychology courses.
  3. In 2012, CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. finished the “VALUES” Project; a total of eight (8) short educational films, four (4) in English and four (4) in Spanish. Renowned actors such as René Monclova, Tita Guerrero, Jailene Cintrón, Geraldine Fernández and Edna Lisboa participated on the film. The project had a great success. Puerto Rico’s Department of Public Education acquired fifteen hundred (1,500) copies and distributed one to each school on the island. Also, the project was sponsored by the Association of Teachers of Puerto Rico, current exclusive representative of the Magisterium.

    The shorts Fiesta navideña and Vidas’ Tree, part of VALUES, where also transmitted by the Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting, channels 6 and 3.

  4. In 2013 we had the idea to realize a series of films relating to different types of prevention. Due to the large scale and ambitiousness of the project, we took the initiative of dividing it in three (3) sub-projects under the name “Prevention Series”. These projects are: “PREVENCIÓN” (3 short films), “ALERTS” (3 short films), “CONSEQUENCES” (4 short films); ten (10) films in total, offering an educational variety with subjects aimed at groups of different ages and grades in the educational system.

    Also, fourteen different artists and/or renowned public figures, shared scene space with our talented children and teenagers. These public figures are: René Monclova, Yamaris Latorre, Richie Dalmau, Camila Monclova, Jailene Cintrón, Geraldine Fernández, Edna Lisboa, Sully Díaz, Nellianne Arce, Teófilo Torres, Chief Tino, Nilka Ramos, Edwin Emil Moró and Marian Pabón.

  5. In 2016 we finished post-production of “PREVENTION”, the first of three projects in the Prevention Series. “¡No al veneno!”, one of the movies in the project, is the first puertorican movie made using virtual stages in 3D and represents a technical advancement for using virtual filmmaking technology developed in Puerto Rico.

    PREVENTION consists of three (3) short films: ¡No al veneno! (elementary school and forth), with: Richie Dalmau & Camila Monclova, following a thematic on drug sales in elementary schools, “Terror en el patio” (intermediate through high school levels), with: Edna Lisboa, having a story on physical bullying”, and “Incitación Indebida” (intermediate through high school levels), with: René Monclova & Yamaris Latorre, having a reflexive thematic on sexual bullying.

  6. Between may and July 2016, we recorded and edited a music video for the song: “Le digo no a ese veneno” (I say no to such poison), interpreted by Emily Cortés, who performs “Nelly” in ¡No al veneno! and was a finalist on Daddy Yankee’s battles at “La Voz Kids” 2015. This music video is to be included along copies of “PREVENTION”.
  7. In September 2016, CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC.’s personal collaborated with filmmaker Juan Carlos Ruiz in participating of Puerto Rico’s chapter of the international film festival “48 Hour Film Project”. We recorded The Barber and the Beggar (“El barbero y el mendigo”), directed by Víctor Aldarondo, with a cast of students from Mr. Aldarondo’s advanced theater classroom and CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC.’s technicians, among other talents.

    The Barber and the Beggar obtained six (6) awards on this festival, the most awards won by any contestant. These awards are: “BEST ACTING ENSEMBLE”, “AUDIENCE CHOICE HONORABLE MENTION- GROUP A”, “BEST USE OF GENRE”, “5th PLACE BEST FILM”, “BEST MUSIC” y “SPIRIT OF PUERTO RICO AWARD” (this last meaning talent and tenacity in cinematographic creativity.)Awards won on the 48 Hour Film Project

  8. In 2017: we will exhibit Project: “PREVENTION” and announce dates for the remaining projects, which are currently awaiting post-production.

The king confronts the barber.