Prevention: Series


Cine C.A.R.E.T.A.S. Inc. presents a series of three educational films that leave a mark on young peoples hearts’ and in the schools of Puerto Rico. Using the slogan “Prevention is better than the cure”, our Prevention Series takes on different themes towards this end; themes such as: family issues management, prevention and consequences of different forms of bullying, peer pressure, addictions and the devastating consequences of drug abuse and distribution.

Each project in the series is a collection of three or four short films, focused on groups of different ages. Each film attends one or more of subjects among the previously mentioned and educators can use them to create forums around them. The stories behind Prevention are works of fiction inspired on the daily lives and anecdotes of educators and students of Puerto Rico’s public and private school systems.

Projects that are part of the Prevention Series

Status of the series

At its beginning, Prevention was proposed as a single project of ten short films, similar to Project Values. Due to the ambitiousness and large scale of the project, we determined it was best to split it in three individual projects that now compose the prevention series. As of today, all projects of the series have been recorded, PREVENTION finished post-production, and both ALERTS and CONSEQUENCES have films in post-production.