Petra, a 60 year old grandmother, is facing a great challenge, make her rebel granddaughter, Vicky, learn the meaning of respect. Vicky’s conduct at school is just as unrespectful; she’s even more offensive and mocking towards her classmates. To correct Vicky’s conduct, Petra makes an ingenious plan to teach Vicky a lesson on humility.

Grandma Petra convinces her son (Luis Freddie Váazquez) and daughter in law (Tita Guerrero) to make a family day games competition. Vicky, arrogant, accepts; even though if she looses, she’ll have to clean the school’s bathrooms for a week.

Family picture at the school's bathroom.


  • Audience: Elementary School
  • Classification: G and NR
  • Themes: Humillity, Respect, and Social Exclusion
  • Genre: Children Film, Comedy, Familly Film, and Femme Film
  • Themes: Humillity, Respect, and Social Exclusion
  • Length: 33 min
  • Language: Spanish
  • Premiere Date: December 1, 2012
  • Format: High Definition and NTSC
  • Frame Rate: 30i
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Part of Proyect: VALUES

- Eight films to arrouse your feelings -