Projection Services

Road Cinema

Schools, churches, psychologists and other civic entities can request movies from our catalog and present them to an audience that needs them. One of our technicians would visit your institution and project the movies on a 11 feet wide screen, using an HD projector and speakers capable of providing a unique experience up to 150 people.

The requesting institution can choose between two offerings: the “Regular Offer” and the “Pro Funds”. In both options the institution chooses a combination of films that can last a maximum of 2 hours. We currently offer various packages (combinations of films to choose from), but you have the liberty to create your own combination given your audience’s needs. We also offer talks and discussion forums by health professionals.

Pro Funds

Under the Pro Funds offering, you may present up to 3 two hour rounds to a maximum audience of 150 people per round, to earn up to $1,590.

Road Cinema Offers

Pro Funds Offer

Oferta Pro Fondos
Amount of people <= 50 <= 75 <= 100 <= 150
Round costs given the audience $160.00 $210.00 $250.00 $300.00
Additional rounds cost $100.00 $130.00 $150.00 $180.00
Maximum earnings with a $5 entrance
1st round earnings $90.00 $165.00 $250.00 $450.00
Earnings per additional round $150.00 $250.00 $350.00 $570.00
Earnings with 2 rounds $240.00 $415.00 $600.00 $1020.00
Earnings with 3 rounds $390.00 $665.00 $950.00 $1,590.00
No. of $5 entries to recover service cost
1 round 32 42 50 60
2 rounds 52 67 80 96
3 rounds 72 92 110 132

Regular Offer

Regular Offer
Amount of people <= 75 <= 100 <= 150 <= 200
Round costs given the audience $175.00 $200.00 $250.00 $300.00
Cost per individual 1st round $2.33 $2.00 $1.67 $1.50
Additional rounds cost $100.00 $125.00 $150.00 $200.00
Cost per individual 2nd round $1.33 $1.25 $1.00 $1.00

Movie selections

You may choose to present any of the following movie packages or create your own selection of movies, based on your audiences’ necessities. You may combine up to 3 short films and long shorts, or present a feature film.

  • Shorts: up to 30 minutes
  • Long shorts: up to 60 minutes
  • Features: more than 1 hour

Movie Packages

“No to drugs” package

Two impacting storied that tell about the dangers involving drug traffic and it’s consumption.

  1. Christian & Cristal (94 min)
  2. No al veneno! (29 min)


First part of our series against bullying, drugs, and other situations.

  1. No to Poison! (29 min)
  2. Terror on the playground (31 min)
  3. Wrongful incitement (40 min)

Stories that enhance different moral values, with packages segmented by audience, and a package that fits all ages, with stories that focus on the importance of keeping a clear conscience.

Values: For Elementary Schools

  1. Three in a Shoe (30 min)
  2. Súper Héroes Anónimos (34 min)
  3. Generaciones (33 min)

Values: Conscience Stories

  1. A Cry for Help (25 min)
  2. Faces of Conscience (36 min)
  3. Fiesta navideña (25 min)

Values: For Secondary Schools

  1. Faces of Conscience (36 min)
  2. Vidas’ Tree (28 min)
  3. Mi carácter (14 min)

*Conscience Stories and the No to drugs package apply to all school levels.

Christian & Cristal

Christian & Cristal transcends the time barriers in a story that shows how impossible it is to leave the world of drugs once inside. The film takes its title in honor to the love of the great work of Shakespeare: “Romeo & Juliet”.

When Cristal’s spot in school gets heated up, her boyfriend Bernie tells her to find someone who doesn’t call suspicion. So comes Christian, a teen whose mother’s sickness and feelings towards Cristal turn him into easy pray for the delinquents to manipulate.

Road Cinema Terms and Conditions

  • You, the service requester, are responsible of finding a place for projecting the films that meets the following requirements:
    • A minimum area of 10′ by 20′.
    • The room’s maximum capacity must be equal or greater than the number of people that will watch the movies.
    • Light entrances must be blocked in order to create a cinema ambiance.
    • The room must have at least two receptacles at the back of the room, where we’ll plug our digital film projector.
  • The maximum permitted audience is of 150 spectators per round.
    • The projection hosts (e.g. teacher, activity coordinator) wont count as spectators.
    • We suggest, but not require, a minimum of 50 spectators per round.
  • Our technician will have one hour to prepare the projection area before the audience arrival, and half an hour to dismount once all rounds are finished.
  • Rounds will last a maximum of 2 hours.
  • The maximum permitted rounds is 3 unless a different number is agreed upon beforehand.
  • All rounds are to be presented on the same day.
  • Upon arrival, the technician will stay for a maximum time of four hours per round.
  • If there will be more than one round, our technician will have lunch, dinner, or meal periods, as applicable.
  • If a round has a different movie selection from previous rounds, it counts as a new presentation and not as an additional round, therefore, the additional rounds discount does not apply to it.
  • The presentation date won’t be official until a non refundable in advance payment of 50% of the projection services cost is made. You’ll have until 2 days prior the presentation date to send in such payment, otherwise the presentation will be cancelled.
  • For as long as the in advance payment isn’t confirmed the date will be tentative and Cine CARETAS reserves the right to assign such date  to another entity, although those who requested the date first will be given priority to confirm.
  • There’s an additional $30 to $50 fee for the transport and management of physical equipment acquired as part of the Pro Funds offering. This fee does’t isn’t part of the projection services.
  • The service requester has until 3 pm of the day prior to the services to cancel. Otherwise, they’ll be required to pay off the remaining money for the hired services.
  • No movies will be presented until the payment is complete.
  • Payment options will be indicated by phone or through e-mail.
  • Money Orders and checks must by sent at least 7 days prior to the presentation date.
  • The presented terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. These have been translated to English for reference only. Only the Spanish version is valid for legal purposes.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Parents or guardians of minors must allow their minors to watch the movies by signing a release form.
  • Upon arrival, the audience will sign an attendance sheet.
  • We reserve the right to present advertisements from our sponsors. These allow us to invest in future film projects. Please read our Sponsors Policy for more information.
  • The audience might fill an anonymous questionnaire regarding demographics and the contents presented that day. These surveys allow us to determine the effectiveness of our films, our reach and the effectiveness of our sponsors.
  • The presented terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. These have been translated to English for reference only. Only the Spanish version is valid for legal purposes.

Sponsors Policy

Because we know kids and teens are more vulnerable to publicity, we’re very careful on what kind of sponsors we allow. Any advertisements must be approved by our board of directors, (whose members are mostly parents and educators). Every advertisement must be apt for a general audience. Exceptions will only be made with a justifiable reason. The board will vote unanimously whether a reason is justifiable and will establish how to work with this exception.


  1. An ad could be presented only to teenagers and no children.
  2. The host, who is responsible for the audience, could have to see and approve the ad beforehand for it to be presented to its audience.

The presented policy is subject to change without notice. It has been translated to English for reference only. Only the Spanish version is valid for legal purposes.