Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S.’ History

Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S.’ History

Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. is the Spanish acronym for: Cultivating Aptitudes while Realizing Theatrical Spectacles, Achieving Dreams. In this club, students work on building theatrical plays and artistic shows. On average, Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. produces 3 to 4 anual talent shows, providing opportunities for student development in acting, singing, dancing, music bands, painting exhibitions and leadership development.

Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S.’ creator is Professor Víctor Aldarondo, a theater teacher in the Aguadilla school district and emeritus professor at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla. Prof. Aldarondo created the club at the José de Diego middle school at Aguadilla, it later moved to the Rafael del Valle school for two years, and from there it moved into the Ester Feliciano Mendoza middle school located at the old Ramey Base at Aguadilla, where he continues to work.

Outstanding achievements of Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S.

  1. In 2001 the club wins 1st place at El Nuevo Día’s and Triple-S’ short film contest, “Sácale más a tu encanto”; a competition for public and private schools at Puerto Rico national level.
  2. In 2002 Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. presents William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at Aguada’s Center of Fine Arts Theater, directed by Prof. Aldarondo and with collaboration from the parents and community. Montage lasted three and a half hours and used costumes, stages and all elements from the play’s original era.
  3. In 2004 a new short film competition appears, this time from Puerto Rico’s Department of Education. The club submitted “El Gran Corillo”, produced and written by Prof. Aldarondo. Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. won 1st prize island wide.
  4. In 2004, young Cidmarí Quiles, president of Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. and member for three consecutive years, won a Puerto Rico wide Grant for talented students in Fine Arts.
  5. In 2006 and 2008, Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. stages “La Tonti Girl”, a play on drug prevention.
  6. In the subsequent years, Prof. Aldarondo writes and directs various plays for use in students’ graduations, such as: “Los tres amigos y el enoja’o” (“The Three Friends and the Mad One”, an adaptation of an Aguadillan short story) and Triángulo amoroso (“Love Triangle”, a symbolic play about how drugs destroy the young who consume them).
  7. In 2009, Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. begins producing feature film: “Christian y Cristal” (Christian & Cristal). The clubs parents directive and Prof. Aldarondo decide to incorporate as a non-profit institution in order to share the opportunities with students outside Ester Feliciano Mendoza Middle School. So CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. is born, taking care of what remained of Christian & Cristal’s production and post-production.
  8. In 2012, students of Ester Feliciano Mendoza participate in the short film contest “Tus valores cuentan” (Your values are accounted for), aimed towards the participation of students in 21 Century schools, such as Ester Feliciano. The short, titled “Verdadera amiga” (“True Friend”) obtained 1st place across Puerto Rico.
  9. On May 7, 2014, talented students of Mr. Aldarondo’s classroom staged the classical play: “La muela del Rey Farfán” (“King Farfan’s Tooth”). All presentations out of three presentations, two for students and one for the community, were staged at max capacity.
  10. In 2016, students from Mr. Aldarondo’s advanced classroom participated in the production of El barbero y el mendigo, on which CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. collaborated. This short won 6 awards at the 48 Hour Film Project, 3 out of which are attributed prmarilly to students of Club CARETAS and to Professor Aldarondo:
    1. Best Ensemble Acting
    2. Best Use of Genre
    3. Spirit of Puerto Rico Award

Club C.A.R.E.T.A.S. students continue to participate in talent shows and other school activities. They also participate of CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC.’s productions and productions in which CINE C.A.R.E.T.A.S. INC. collaborates.